From the recording I'd Prob'ly Say Yes


I know you said that you would never own me
Gimme all the space I need
But too much rope can make it easier to choke
Love’s got its limits even when it comes free.
I got real doubts this second time around
I thought one marriage shoulda, woulda stood the test
I fell in love, and then I fell right out again
It’s what I do best.
But should she catch just a little off my guard
Would you think of me less?
And though I love you from the bottom of my heart
I’d probably say yes.
And she might find me
Just a little broken up
Hear the sadness in my breath
She knows that sex is just a heartbeat from her touch
And I’d probably say yes
Oh, I’d probably say yes.
(She uses sex
Ain’t nothin’ like a train wreck
I’d probably say yes.
Got her finger in my mouth
She’s broken my defenses
Oh, I’d probably say yes.)
She’s got my number and I don’t know how she got it
She phoned to tell me not to call her anymore
It’s been 2 months and I swear I ain’t rung her up
Why is she doing this for?
All your breathing room -- now I’m smelling her perfume
This can’t be what you had in mind.
I’m sitting in this booth trying to tell her our good news
It wouldn’t help if I was blind.
Cause I’m feeling like I did the first moment that we kissed
How come I feel like I been tricked?
Is this the same witch?
That I unhitched?
That I can’t quit?
Now, I do admit…