1. Can't Spell Oz

From the recording Can't Spell Oz


Headless bodies in a photograph
Old love letters hiding in the trash
I keep my memories as vague as I can
The less I know the better off I am.
I cut and paste my life in 4/4 time
Sometimes it’s truth swirling in lies
I pretend it didn’t happen, but I know that it did.
Neon lights flood the twilight skies
Hearts in lust, I’m only visiting because
The flesh gets rubbed, and I covet what I love
Hindsight just rehashes all the bad stuff you’ve done.
Pick a pocket and I know you’ll find a locket
Look in the street and you’ll find your ring
My love was lost, but then I found it again
But when it come back I didn’t like where it’d been.
Broad strokes fit those regular folks
Outcasts ignore the do’s and don’t’s
I don’t judge
I just don’t because
No matter how I’ve tried
I still can’t spell Oz.
I stood in Hamburg in the Reeperbahn
I opened doors where I should not have gone
The fog rolled in, a quiet chill in the air
I could not believe that I was standing there.
In a crevice, in a crack, Hell’s curtain pulled back
I grabbed a sneak peek at its underbelly
Human sores and every fantasy fulfilled
I shut my eyes and fled against my will.