1. What I'm Not

From the recording What I'm Not


I don't remember
What made you cry
I don't remember
Those tears in your eye. 
I've forgotten
All those things I felt
I must've been affected
But you could never tell. 
One kiss
Would seal the deal
Futures changed
By the squealing of an Oldsmobile
Washed out your naive face
2 lonely youngsters  
Trying to find their own space. 
We're clouds of dust
Off the German Church Road
Scattered to the four corners
At the edge of the world.
I’m as far away from there
As when I stood on that spot
I don’t what I am yet
But I sure know what I’m not. 
Dark suits
On a cloudy, cloudy day
Water falling
In a muddy grave
She searched my eyes
For some sign of sadness
But I couldn't find emotion
I guess that's what a man is. 
Black high heels
On the wet pavement
Red lipstick
On a filter cigarette.
I kept dreaming
Was delusional madness
There seemed no escape
Oh, I'd never come back from this. 
This guitar
Wanted to be strummed
Big ideas
I just had to think of one. 
But it's a mighty hill to climb
On the shoulders of giants
When you reek of desperation
And your voice becomes silent. 
Don’t hold your breath
This might take a little while
With my patience wearing thin
Am I completely out of style? 
Nothing’s gonna happen you say
Would you blame me for trying?
When I burst from out of nowhere
I’m not known for my great timing. 
Cause this town
Loves a big come back
The fallen are forgiven
If you get that second chance.
But you're tainted and repentant
And you'll always be indebted to
The fickleness forgiveness of the
Ones who buy the song and dance