1. Ten Feet

From the recording Ten Feet


I watched you
From the back of a car
I tried not to stare
But it hit me pretty hard.
You're hair was soaked
You're eyes were red
Pulled a silk handkerchief
From your designer tote bag.
10 feet away
But miles apart
I know every inch of your body
Except your heart.
Your cheek is pierced now
A tattoo? of who?
You cut your hair again
So what else is new? 
You're East Coast
I'm all Midwest
Where gals prefer jeans
Cause they just make more sense. 
I'm ain't saying you're high flying
I grin and bear it
You love smelling orchids
But not the dirt they're in. 
You twist your hair
Call on a cell phone
You always hated
Being alone.
I remember you smiling
It was just last week
I wipe a small tear
From the side of my cheek. 
I outline your figure
In the steam on the glass
I rub you away
With the edge of my hand.
I think you're involved
I don't really know
I pull the visor
Down on the window. 
Not every love you try
Turns out perfect
You work with what you got
Even when it keeps on hurting
But you and me
Just didn't have the strength
We didn't even know
What love takes....