1. Ribbon

From the recording Ribbon


I rode the lightning
Squeezed between my legs
Fire horizons
Burning daybreak.
Tar asphalt
Scarred my hands
I breathed the highway
Inhaling sand.
And the rivers
Quenched my thirst
Washed my body
Of  blood and dirt. 
I hit the back roads
Without a map
I found direction
In a native dance.
How come you wander
So far from the path ?
I find a full moon
My golden jewel
Are you jealous ?
Romantic fools.
Would you choose
A dollar bill
Over what I’ve seen
In these ancient hills.
Lost tongues
The spirits walk
Invade my campfire
Until the dawn.
They fill my head
They beg and lure
They disappear into the
I grew sick
Raging fever
I saw her dying
I could not leave her.
I took her hand
And led her out
But I looked back
From the entrance mouth.
She disappeared
Into the flames
I left her hopeless
I am to blame.
These native dreams
I should not have
I am the ribbon
I am a man. 
Remote and rusty
Time worn
 I left that space
Nightmare and dreams
Haunts me now
Those things I seen. 
I appreciate
Solid ground I stand
I am the ribbon
I am the man.