1. Haint

From the recording Haint


She said my love was perfect
No greater could be found
I swore her kiss lay heavy
And pinned me to the ground.
Her voice was like hot butter
Songs rolled right off her tongue
Her stories told of forests
Of men with dogs and guns.
We watched the night together
She heard the mournful hounds
But neither man or animal
Could make those beastly sounds.
She felt a haint was present
She smelled a dying breeze
It stood on solid earth here
Where hell and heaven meet
She ventured to the edge
Discovered footprints bare
She tracked it to the muddy end
But vanished in mid-air. 
She froze quite still and shaken
A young girl’s memory scared
Her back into our cabin
To tend to supper there. 
Her dreams were plagued by spirits
She reached above the sink
And mixed a drink of bitters
That dulled her nerves to sleep.
Her mind was like the daybreak fog
October’s chill had brought
She did not trust her instincts
Could not control her thoughts. 
She wandered hill and holler
Long rifle in her hands
But fire and lead are useless
Within this ghostly land.   
She fell by Sinners Creek
Exhausted from her walk
She drifted from this world we know
Heard ancient voices talk:
“He is still here and roams these woods
Where you once laughed and loved.
He did not hear the hunters’ cries
He did not hear the guns.” 
His sadness walks the paths you walked
Your true heart, yes, he knows
But now he is a tortured soul
And you must let him go. 
I saw the dark clouds open up
The sunshine burned my face
I looked below on Sinners Creek
And vanished from that place. 
We watched the moon together
She said her goodbyes then
Her eyes could still not see me
Half animal, half man.