From the recording Blame It On The Night


I watched you undress
In the sparkle of your new diamonds
I glimpsed your figure in the bathroom mirror
I knew how wrong I was.
You crisscrossed your breasts
On the edge of my bed
You cocked your head back
It was your smooth neck I grabbed
I felt your blood surge
When I pulled you down under
Through time and distance
You are the path of least resistance.
I still blame it on the night
This felt like an old crime
That we needed to hide (under heaven’s watchful eyes)
I blame it on the night
An old love disguised  
As a starry eyed new bride.
My hands knew the way
On this familiar ground
I tried to hide my stare but I could not
Your body still firm and round
What is this gift I’ve been presented with?
Only days after your well-meaning vows
What is this mischief we’ve concocted?
And why is this happening now?
I’ve run out of ways
To say I don’t love you anymore
I’ve exhausted every avenue for love
Even the women who left me before
I feel the lingering slow death of quiet restlessness
And the drive to keep moving on
To undisclosed locations you wouldn’t show your face in
And you suddenly appear missing pieces and alone. 
I felt your body go limp when I released my grip
I treated your empty shell like a Friday night whore
There’s no savior coming to absolve your sins
No more icons to kiss, no Jerusalem thorn.
And I pounded my chest on the edge of darkness
I repeated my words like a broken record
I struggled to the window and fell on the street
I left smile on the pavement for you to remember me.