From the recording Till One Comes Along


She’s hard as diamonds like the
Ones she used to wear upon her
Silky smooth hand
She whispers sweet nothings like a
Drunken sailor stranded on a
Ship with no women.
But the pull of her kiss was just too
Strong for me to pass up I’m
I’m flesh and blood, like most men
And the beer and her perfume were a
Lethal cocktail
Sugar sweet but a kick in the head. 
I said
I need a good woman
And she asked me
Will I do
Till one comes along? 
I said
I need a good woman
And she asked me
Will I do
Till one comes along?
I might not be your Venus
Or your alcohol
I might not be your drug of choice
Or Playmate on your wall
I might not be your muse, your soul mate
I could be crazy wrong
But will I do (just for tonight)
Till one comes along? 
The curves of her body left a
Dent in my bed; faint
Fragrance I think cucumber melon
And the pillows on the floor in a
Naughty mess --I left ‘em, what we
Did I just ain’t telling.
Pink lipstick on the mirror
Goodbye kiss as I drew nearer and I wished
I’d loved her more.
She gave me a moment of peace
Like we used to have
But a lifetime of war. 
She put a smile on my face
That lasted for days
I could smell her on the collar of my shirt.
The twinkle in her eyes
They haunted my mind
I wanted her so much it plain hurt.
But like cool breezes in the wind
She never appeared again
I swear I never felt so alone.
She came and went
Oh, that little hot mess
Where is she now?  I don’t know.