From the recording Thieves and Kings


here comes a little man
big trouble on his mind
here comes that saucy waitress
with a frosty bitter pint.
he could've chose any crummy joint
but here he's known by all
down in this hole in the wall
down in this hole in the wall.
he's had enough to drink now
the barkeep takes his glass
he needs one more for the road 
but he don't even ask. 
he stumbles out the doorway
falls headfirst on the ground
looking for a helping hand 
but concrete's all he found. 
he could've been beloved
by dirty thieves and kings
he could've been somebody real big
if you counted all his dreams.
if you can see both sides of a coin
you know there's a 50/50 chance
he could wind up being successful
or wearing Goodwill pants. 
the taxman took his money
his ex done took the kids
the court took every paycheck
then he lost his friends.
nobody wanted to be near him
a human lightening rod for crap
he wakes up every morning
wondering where the hell he's at. 
he's tired of sitting in darkness
Lord, he's had enough of that
and with all his prayers to heaven
God never answered back.
he remembers all his childhood fun
how much hope he had
but the liquor robbed his clear vision
and gave him shaky hands. 

so he staggers toward the neon lights
that beckon thieves and kings
they fill his head and mouth with nonsense
thinking drunkards dreams.
but it's here he finds his audience
and his final curtain call
down in this hole in the wall
down in this hole in the wall.