1. Be An Angel

From the recording Be An Angel


Diesel fumes
Curtains of dust
Dirty and broke.
Cars and trucks
And a mystery bus
Tinted black windows.
I flag a ride
I reluctantly get inside
The fear of not knowing
Where this car’s been
Or what this guy did
Just to get me where I’m going.
Lately, I been getting that feeling
Ain’t got no place to run anymore
Cities I leave seem to threaten me
People rotten to the core
And the bars where I hide
All that ugliness inside
The fix is temporary
I lift my glass
Snortin’ powder off her ass
Pretty sick and really scary.
Said a silent prayer
For myself last night
I was up so high
Didn’t know how far I fell
I wear a Christian cross
But it don’t make any sense  
How can I be an angel
When I’m living in a hell?
All the love I’ve gathered
Slipped thru my fingers
Like rain in my hands.
Time after time
I see my enemies laughing
Pretending to be my friends.
I’ve sat sinners at my table
I’ve met my guardian angel
But he wouldn’t tell me what to do.
And do I love?
Hell, I don’t know
But I know that I’m supposed to. 

I won’t lie
I don’t understand God
But I do know the devil
Everybody’s got their vice
And I sure got mine
Oh the darkness that I dwell in.
Doubts in my belief
Have punctured holes in me
I’m operating on a tank of fear.
I say hell is empty
And I say it because
All the demons are living right here.