From the recording One Night in Copenhagen


I headed north from Hamburg one rainy night
Tired and hungry, one destination in mind
I curled up with the railroad with a wee bit to drink
I slumbered hard and got lost in my dreams.
When I awoke they’d put my train on a boat
So I ran up on deck, donned my old Army coat
I captured that island like a hungry Viking pagan
One night in Copenhagen.
That city embraced me like her long lost son
I inhaled salt water with Tuborg on my tongue
I’d seen her pale image in a melted watercolor
She became flesh with my touch and yes, I was her lover.
I chased in the darkness of Castle Rosenborg
She held my hand tight this White Queen of du Nord
She dragged me up the stairs and shouted: “My love is impatient!”
One night in Copenhagen.
I did push her down on the ground
Kissed her bits and pieces
She mounted me, and she must’ve forgot my name
Cause she screamed out: “Oh, Jesus!”
The day come in harsh, I was foggy of thought
It was a beautiful sunset I’d mistaken for dawn
How does it happen two lips come together?
It’s like asking a magician: “Would you please change the weather?”
I was a prince in the streets looking for my queen in vain
I had my feet on the ground, one hand on the train
Through the tears in my eyes I seen her waving at me in the station
One night in Copenhagen.