1. Dust Me Off

From the recording Dust Me Off


“You'll miss me,”
She said.
“I doubt it,”
I mumbled.
With the whiskey
Still fresh on my breath.
But I loved her to death
We keep trying
To kill each other in bed. 
She predicted: 
“You'll be dead
In 10 years ! “
“You old optimist,” I said.
Though I swapped out
My Fireball for beer.
And I tried
To clean up
My old act
But every time
I did
Old habits keep
Pulling me back. 
I ain't asking you
To hold on to my hand
To do such a thing
Make me less of a man
Don’t stop me from jumping
Down off this high wall
But when I do hit the ground hard – and I will
Dust me off when I fall. 
Now suppose, just suppose
I filled
All of your dreams
And I pushed to the side
All my childish things.
I put down the drink
And my wandering schemes
Would you love this new man
Who’s obviously not me?
Oh, big changes bring fear
Would I love you back too?
Would I like the new you
Cause you would change too
I'd try to be good
Make the best of it
But what I end up doing
Is completely the opposite.