Ain't No Pill

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Reynolds, ASCAP@2010


I battled with the bottle

And I argued with God

I wrestled with the demons

And the misery they brought. 

Sat alone in a room

Hoping for a quick end

With a bullet in the drawer

And a gun in my hand.

No matter where I traveled

Couldn’t find a home

Trouble always finds me

No matter where I go. 

Can’t wash it off with water

Can’t burn it in the fire

All the devils stood back

Appalled at my desires.


Feeling less human

More like an animal

Feasting on the flesh

Cassinova,  part cannibal.

Life twisted up mess

More and more

I couldn’t put my feet upon

This cold linoleum floor.

Didn’t want to hear the music

Cause I hated that sound

That reminded me of days

When I was stronger, not now.

The fear was so real

I trembled through the nights

Dreams stained my mind

Blackened my eyes.


And there ain’t no pill

No drink or drug

No pretty girls kneeling down

With promises of real love

To cure my disease

And give me peace

And clear my head

Make me what I used to be.

(My body breaking down

Nobody understands

All I know for sure

I’m dying as fast as I can.)


He was knocking on my door

But I didn’t want to leave

White knuckled the bedposts

Till my fingers did bleed.

Where is my place

What ails my soul

What hurts my heart

Why I’m out of control

When did I stop believing

In all my secret dreams

When did I quit and give up

Oh, it’s way beyond me.

I couldn’t be happy

With money and cars

And I wasn’t satisfied

When I picked up this guitar


And all the women hanging round

Here most of my life

I pushed every one away

Cause I didn’t have the time

Lovers in the dark

Didn’t even know their names

Did it really matter?

In the moon they’re all the same

I licked every inch

Every little smooth curve

Maybe somebody’s wife

Maybe somebody’s best girl.

Then the weight crashing down

It buckled my knees

And I knew I was broken

I was not complete.