Rand Reynolds

Reynolds, ASCAP@2010


I don't remember

What made you cry

I don't remember

Those tears in your eye. 

I've forgotten

All those things I felt

I must've been affected

But you could never tell. 


One kiss

Would seal the deal

Futures changed

By the squealing of an Oldsmobile


Washed out your naive face

2 lonely youngsters  

Trying to find their own space. 


We're clouds of dust

Off the German Church Road

Scattered to the four corners

At the edge of the world.

I’m as far away from there

As when I stood on that spot

I don’t what I am yet

But I sure know what I’m not. 


Dark suits

On a cloudy, cloudy day

Water falling

In a muddy grave

She searched my eyes

For some sign of sadness

But I couldn't find emotion

I guess that's what a man is. 


Black high heels

On the wet pavement

Red lipstick

On a filter cigarette.

I kept dreaming

Was delusional madness

There seemed no escape

Oh, I'd never come back from this. 


This guitar

Wanted to be strummed

Big ideas

I just had to think of one. 

But it's a mighty hill to climb

On the shoulders of giants

When you reek of desperation

And your voice becomes silent. 


Don’t hold your breath

This might take a little while

With my patience wearing thin

Am I completely out of style? 

Nothing’s gonna happen you say

Would you blame me for trying?

When I burst from out of nowhere

I’m not known for my great timing. 


Cause this town

Loves a big come back

The fallen are forgiven

If you get that second chance.

But you're tainted and repentant

And you'll always be indebted to

The fickleness forgiveness of the

Ones who buy the song and dance


























Reynolds, ASCAP@2010


I battled with the bottle

And I argued with God

I wrestled with the demons

And the misery they brought. 

Sat alone in a room

Hoping for a quick end

With a bullet in the drawer

And a gun in my hand.

No matter where I traveled

Couldn’t find a home

Trouble always finds me

No matter where I go. 

Can’t wash it off with water

Can’t burn it in the fire

All the devils stood back

Appalled at my desires.


Feeling less human

More like an animal

Feasting on the flesh

Cassinova,  part cannibal.

Life twisted up mess

More and more

I couldn’t put my feet upon

This cold linoleum floor.

Didn’t want to hear the music

Cause I hated that sound

That reminded me of days

When I was stronger, not now.

The fear was so real

I trembled through the nights

Dreams stained my mind

Blackened my eyes.


And there ain’t no pill

No drink or drug

No pretty girls kneeling down

With promises of real love

To cure my disease

And give me peace

And clear my head

Make me what I used to be.

(My body breaking down

Nobody understands

All I know for sure

I’m dying as fast as I can.)


He was knocking on my door

But I didn’t want to leave

White knuckled the bedposts

Till my fingers did bleed.

Where is my place

What ails my soul

What hurts my heart

Why I’m out of control

When did I stop believing

In all my secret dreams

When did I quit and give up

Oh, it’s way beyond me.

I couldn’t be happy

With money and cars

And I wasn’t satisfied

When I picked up this guitar


And all the women hanging round

Here most of my life

I pushed every one away

Cause I didn’t have the time

Lovers in the dark

Didn’t even know their names

Did it really matter?

In the moon they’re all the same

I licked every inch

Every little smooth curve

Maybe somebody’s wife

Maybe somebody’s best girl.

Then the weight crashing down

It buckled my knees

And I knew I was broken

I was not complete.































Reynolds, ASCAP@2010



She said my love was perfect

No greater could be found

I swore her kiss lay heavy

And pinned me to the ground.

Her voice was like hot butter

Songs rolled right off her tongue

Her stories told of forests

Of men with dogs and guns.


We watched the night together

She heard the mournful hounds

But neither man or animal

Could make those beastly sounds.


She felt a haint was present

She smelled a dying breeze

It stood on solid earth here

Where hell and heaven meet

She ventured to the edge

Discovered footprints bare

She tracked it to the muddy end

But vanished in mid-air. 


She froze quite still and shaken

A young girl’s memory scared

Her back into our cabin

To tend to supper there. 


Her dreams were plagued by spirits

She reached above the sink

And mixed a drink of bitters

That dulled her nerves to sleep.

Her mind was like the daybreak fog

October’s chill had brought

She did not trust her instincts

Could not control her thoughts. 


She wandered hill and holler

Long rifle in her hands

But fire and lead are useless

Within this ghostly land.   


She fell by Sinners Creek

Exhausted from her walk

She drifted from this world we know

Heard ancient voices talk:

“He is still here and roams these woods

Where you once laughed and loved.

He did not hear the hunters’ cries

He did not hear the guns.” 


His sadness walks the paths you walked

Your true heart, yes, he knows

But now he is a tortured soul

And you must let him go. 


I saw the dark clouds open up

The sunshine burned my face

I looked below on Sinners Creek

And vanished from that place. 


We watched the moon together

She said her goodbyes then

Her eyes could still not see me

Half animal, half man.














R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2011
Reynolds, ASCAP@2010


I watched you undress

In the sparkle of your new diamonds

I glimpsed your figure in the bathroom mirror

I knew how wrong I was.

You crisscrossed your breasts

On the edge of my bed

You cocked your head back

It was your smooth neck I grabbed

I felt your blood surge

When I pulled you down under

Through time and distance

You are the path of least resistance.


I still blame it on the night

This felt like an old crime

That we needed to hide (under heaven’s watchful eyes)

I blame it on the night

An old love disguised  

As a starry eyed new bride.


My hands knew the way

On this familiar ground

I tried to hide my stare but I could not

Your body still firm and round

What is this gift I’ve been presented with?

Only days after your well-meaning vows

What is this mischief we’ve concocted?

And why is this happening now?


I’ve run out of ways

To say I don’t love you anymore

I’ve exhausted every avenue for love

Even the women who left me before

I feel the lingering slow death of quiet restlessness

And the drive to keep moving on

To undisclosed locations you wouldn’t show your face in

And you suddenly appear missing pieces and alone. 


I felt your body go limp when I released my grip

I treated your empty shell like a Friday night whore

There’s no savior coming to absolve your sins

No more icons to kiss, no Jerusalem thorn.

And I pounded my chest on the edge of darkness

I repeated my words like a broken record

I struggled to the window and fell on the street

I left smile on the pavement for you to remember me. 









































Reynolds, ASCAP@2010


I rode the lightning

Squeezed between my legs

Fire horizons

Burning daybreak.

Tar asphalt

Scarred my hands

I breathed the highway

Inhaling sand.

And the rivers

Quenched my thirst

Washed my body

Of  blood and dirt. 

I hit the back roads

Without a map

I found direction

In a native dance.


How come you wander

So far from the path ?


I find a full moon

My golden jewel

Are you jealous ?

Romantic fools.

Would you choose

A dollar bill

Over what I’ve seen

In these ancient hills.

Lost tongues

The spirits walk

Invade my campfire

Until the dawn.

They fill my head

They beg and lure

They disappear into the



I grew sick

Raging fever

I saw her dying

I could not leave her.

I took her hand

And led her out

But I looked back

From the entrance mouth.


She disappeared

Into the flames

I left her hopeless

I am to blame.


These native dreams

I should not have

I am the ribbon

I am a man. 



Remote and rusty

Time worn

 I left that space

Nightmare and dreams

Haunts me now

Those things I seen. 

I appreciate

Solid ground I stand

I am the ribbon

I am the man. 


Reynolds, ASCAP@2010


I watched you

From the back of a car

I tried not to stare

But it hit me pretty hard.

You're hair was soaked

You're eyes were red

Pulled a silk handkerchief

From your designer tote bag.

10 feet away

But miles apart

I know every inch of your body

Except your heart.

Your cheek is pierced now

A tattoo? of who?

You cut your hair again

So what else is new? 

You're East Coast

I'm all Midwest

Where gals prefer jeans

Cause they just make more sense. 

I'm ain't saying you're high flying

I grin and bear it

You love smelling orchids

But not the dirt they're in. 


You twist your hair

Call on a cell phone

You always hated

Being alone.

I remember you smiling

It was just last week

I wipe a small tear

From the side of my cheek. 

I outline your figure

In the steam on the glass

I rub you away

With the edge of my hand.

I think you're involved

I don't really know

I pull the visor

Down on the window. 

Not every love you try

Turns out perfect

You work with what you got

Even when it keeps on hurting

But you and me

Just didn't have the strength

We didn't even know

What love takes....