You make me want
Want you even more
When you look me in the eyes
And tell I don’t have to go
I pull you in close
Tighter than ever
I whisper in your ear
Baby, I’ll try and do better
For your love I've won and lost
And that's what scares me
If I mess it up this time
I’m dead and buried
I feel sorry for you
Cause you prob’ly could do better
But there is no man alive
Who’ll love you forever.

I remember you wearing flowers
I remember you in lace
I remember you in high heels
With a burgundy beret
I remember us on bikes
When we raced off to the park
And I remembered our first kiss
And what you felt like in the dark.
But what we have is sacred
Beyond mortal flesh
But it gets real scary
When I get inside your head
You show me sides of you
I’d rather not see
But you love the fact
You got a fella like me.

You’re like the cotton quilt that covers me at night
On my sheet-less cold second-hand bachelor bed
You’re like the feather pillow that guards all my dreams
Where I fantasize about you endlessly in my naughty head.
I miss the candles you light when we make out
You smell like Snickerdoodles on top of Smucker’s jam
I get turned on when you pin your dark hair up
Put your glasses on to read, oh you sexy hot librarian.

Oh, there’s times when I love you
And moments when I hate you
Reckless longing in my heart
I never could replace you
And why would I?
That’s never been an option
We’re like runaway freight trains
With no intention of stopping
This thing we have
Gets right back on track
You forgive my foolishness
And take me on back
I ain’t nothing special
And I’m sure you’d agree
If I couldn’t find you
You’d come hunting for me.