Rand Reynolds

R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014


She’s hard as diamonds like the

Ones she used to wear upon her

Silky smooth hand

She whispers sweet nothings like a

Drunken sailor stranded on a

Ship with no women.

But the pull of her kiss was just too

Strong for me to pass up I’m

I’m flesh and blood, like most men

And the beer and her perfume were a

Lethal cocktail

Sugar sweet but a kick in the head. 


I said

I need a good woman

And she asked me

Will I do

Till one comes along? 

I said

I need a good woman

And she asked me

Will I do

Till one comes along?

I might not be your Venus

Or your alcohol

I might not be your drug of choice

Or Playmate on your wall

I might not be your muse, your soul mate

I could be crazy wrong

But will I do (just for tonight)

Till one comes along? 


The curves of her body left a

Dent in my bed; faint

Fragrance I think cucumber melon

And the pillows on the floor in a

Naughty mess --I left ‘em, what we

Did I just ain’t telling.

Pink lipstick on the mirror

Goodbye kiss as I drew nearer and I wished

I’d loved her more.

She gave me a moment of peace

Like we used to have

But a lifetime of war. 


She put a smile on my face

That lasted for days

I could smell her on the collar of my shirt.

The twinkle in her eyes

They haunted my mind

I wanted her so much it plain hurt.

But like cool breezes in the wind

She never appeared again

I swear I never felt so alone.

She came and went

Oh, that little hot mess

Where is she now?  I don’t know.    









R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014


Diesel fumes

Curtains of dust

Dirty and broke.

Cars and trucks

And a mystery bus

Tinted black windows.

I flag a ride

I reluctantly get inside

The fear of not knowing

Where this car’s been

Or what this guy did

Just to get me where I’m going.


Lately, I been getting that feeling

Ain’t got no place to run anymore

Cities I leave seem to threaten me

People rotten to the core

And the bars where I hide

All that ugliness inside

The fix is temporary

I lift my glass

Snortin’ powder off her ass

Pretty sick and really scary.



Said a silent prayer

For myself last night

I was up so high

Didn’t know how far I fell

I wear a Christian cross

But it don’t make any sense  

How can I be an angel

When I’m living in a hell?



All the love I’ve gathered

Slipped thru my fingers

Like rain in my hands.

Time after time

I see my enemies laughing

Pretending to be my friends.

I’ve sat sinners at my table

I’ve met my guardian angel

But he wouldn’t tell me what to do.

And do I love?

Hell, I don’t know

But I know that I’m supposed to. 



I won’t lie

I don’t understand God

But I do know the devil

Everybody’s got their vice

And I sure got mine

Oh the darkness that I dwell in.

Doubts in my belief

Have punctured holes in me

I’m operating on a tank of fear.

I say hell is empty

And I say it because

All the demons are living right here. 



R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014


Black skies

Pink neon lights

I pull my hoodie down

Over my red eyes

Grey buildings

Growing in the distance

Bars on the doors

Seems like pretty shady business.

Dead end broke

Lighting up my last smoke

So this is Music City

Where I end up alone.

3 day stubble

One step ahead of trouble

I never looked back

People bursting my bubble. 


And when the lights come up

I put my boots on the stage

In the scratches and the scuff marks

I stand in the shadows

Flirting  (romancing) with fame

Sweat (whiskey) stains on the floor boards

Where all the big stars played.



My old guitar

I’m a backpack slave

I checked into The Drake

Where CMT stars stay

8 by 10’s

With phony autographs

That kid from Deliverance

Scratching at his pants.

Tourists on tour

Watching steel guitar bands

I hear the laughter out loud

Of the money changing hands.

Warm 50 cent canned beer

Sitting on a stool

Did I finally find the ocean

Or another cesspool?  


It’s depressing at the hotel

Even lonelier on stage

I come a thousand miles

And 40 plus years

Finding those rhymes

Breathing life into a blank page


I don’t sing happy

But I can write a sad song

I can’t call collect

Cause there ain’t nobody home

I left that joke

Indiana stale and old

Where folks are drunk or dead

And some are just both.

My ears crammed full

AM radio past

I hear the music in the mountains

Played by ancient man

But I lost that spark

I fumbled on that note

Somewhere along the road

I lied to my soul.





R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014


here comes a little man

big trouble on his mind

here comes that saucy waitress

with a frosty bitter pint.

he could've chose any crummy joint

but here he's known by all

down in this hole in the wall

down in this hole in the wall.


he's had enough to drink now

the barkeep takes his glass

he needs one more for the road 

but he don't even ask. 

he stumbles out the doorway

falls headfirst on the ground

looking for a helping hand 

but concrete's all he found. 


he could've been beloved

by dirty thieves and kings

he could've been somebody real big

if you counted all his dreams.

if you can see both sides of a coin

you know there's a 50/50 chance

he could wind up being successful

or wearing Goodwill pants. 


the taxman took his money

his ex done took the kids

the court took every paycheck

then he lost his friends.

nobody wanted to be near him

a human lightening rod for crap

he wakes up every morning

wondering where the hell he's at. 


he's tired of sitting in darkness

Lord, he's had enough of that

and with all his prayers to heaven

God never answered back.

he remembers all his childhood fun

how much hope he had

but the liquor robbed his clear vision

and gave him shaky hands. 

so he staggers toward the neon lights

that beckon thieves and kings

they fill his head and mouth with nonsense

thinking drunkards dreams.

but it's here he finds his audience

and his final curtain call

down in this hole in the wall

down in this hole in the wall. 










You make me want
Want you even more
When you look me in the eyes
And tell I don’t have to go
I pull you in close
Tighter than ever
I whisper in your ear
Baby, I’ll try and do better
For your love I've won and lost
And that's what scares me
If I mess it up this time
I’m dead and buried
I feel sorry for you
Cause you prob’ly could do better
But there is no man alive
Who’ll love you forever.

I remember you wearing flowers
I remember you in lace
I remember you in high heels
With a burgundy beret
I remember us on bikes
When we raced off to the park
And I remembered our first kiss
And what you felt like in the dark.
But what we have is sacred
Beyond mortal flesh
But it gets real scary
When I get inside your head
You show me sides of you
I’d rather not see
But you love the fact
You got a fella like me.

You’re like the cotton quilt that covers me at night
On my sheet-less cold second-hand bachelor bed
You’re like the feather pillow that guards all my dreams
Where I fantasize about you endlessly in my naughty head.
I miss the candles you light when we make out
You smell like Snickerdoodles on top of Smucker’s jam
I get turned on when you pin your dark hair up
Put your glasses on to read, oh you sexy hot librarian.

Oh, there’s times when I love you
And moments when I hate you
Reckless longing in my heart
I never could replace you
And why would I?
That’s never been an option
We’re like runaway freight trains
With no intention of stopping
This thing we have
Gets right back on track
You forgive my foolishness
And take me on back
I ain’t nothing special
And I’m sure you’d agree
If I couldn’t find you
You’d come hunting for me.