Too Much Blood

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Rand Reynolds, ASCAP@2009


And when I heard the news

I run right after you

She lay in the ground

No head there to be found

A lifeless corpse there laid

2 bodies in one grave

A mother and her child

Dumped on the mountainside. 


The sheriff turned beat red

At such a senseless death

Too much blood this crime

Oh, she was still alive.

When they sawed her neck

And took away her head

Oh where, oh where it went

Is anybody’s guess. 


In those woods

Where she was slain

No face and no name

On the grave

A cross of sticks

A gruesome deed

That they had did



(They traced her shoes,

 all right

And put a name

to the face

Of Pearl Bryan.)



A Hoosier girl in love

Quite lovely just too young

For a man of means

Who took up doctoring.

She told him of her plight

He left that town that night

She followed bag in hand

She found out where he ran.


She pleaded time and time

Marry me or kill this child

That you placed in my womb

Last night in my bedroom.

I will not go back home

I’ll not be left alone

To raise this child real poor

Or be branded a temptress whore.


And in the face of justice

He found an accomplice.

To cut the child from her

But that’s not what occurred.

They mixed the drug with wine

 She passed out in no time.

The doctor’s shaky hands

Such incompetence.


The cocaine numbed her up

But it was just too much.

But she was still alive

Heading for the state line.

They had her baggage there

A little clothing wear

They watched the miles roll by

Got off, at the Kentucky line.


They dragged her to the end

Death, sometimes, does pretend

They thought that she had died

Or maybe they just lied. 

Now why they had a saw

I do not know at all.

The cut was swift and clean

They promptly left, that bloody scene.


They stopped in town for beer

Gave the barkeep there

A bag to hold for them

Till they come back again.

Before the sun come up

That bag was soaked in blood

One man, death for hire

Burned her head, in a furnace fire.