Just A Prayer

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Reynolds, ASCAP@2009



Everybody’s got secrets

And places they hide

Something we’re all ashamed of

When you drag around too many lies.

I had the taste in my mouth

And the smell on my hands

Afraid of tomorrow

Ignoring the past

Avoiding all of your eyes.


I'm just a prayer

I'm just a prayer

Of things unforseen

And hopes for me

And people I'll probably never be. 


I fell

By my own hand

I choked

When it mattered the most

Right at the end.

I believed

I was under control

I was dragged under again recklessly

Visiting old ghosts


New days

Wasted like wine

On a drunkard who's already drunk

And knows he's got so little time.

Old ways

Threaten my change

Flying by the seat of my pants

Searching for fortune and fame.