Got Change For The Blues?

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Reynolds, ASCAP@2009



Shuffle round

In this empty old room

Buckle down

Ignore the gloom and doom.

Not one sound

Nut the echo of my steps

Tv turned down

That's as lonely as it gets.

And the mailman's timid knock

Unwanted errand

Another threat in an envelope

Like a bomb with a stamp.

Have you got change?

Change for the Blues? 


Can't wear

My smile on the outside

I swear

I still got it

But it’s mighty hard to find.

I'll tear

Anything that gets too close

It's rare

I make a move that's far too bold.

And the liquor store clerk

And her smart ass comments

Yeah, i'm drinking again today

And it's time well spent.

Have you got change

Change for the Blues?


Stop sending me your letters

No return address

And I throw ‘em in the trash

Put the garbage on top.

don’t wanna be harassed

Wanna make it thru the day the best I can.

Walking in flip flops

In my dirty white socks. 


Can’t be

Anybody but me  

You and he  

Drag around those upbeat personalities.

You lead

I run the other way

You feed

On the people who will brighten up your way.

And the police knock

Asking  if I’m okay

I give ‘em 2 thumbs up

I pretend I’m gonna shave today.

Have you got change?

Change for the Blues?