Don't Make Me Fall

R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2014


Old habits die hard

Poison in my pleasure

I fell head first into your abyss

I shielded my eyes with my own 2 hands.

So I couldn't see you

Wouldn't feel how I felt

I shut down every emotion I thought I had

But nostalgia could jump start a failed romance.


Don't make me fall in love

Don’t make me fall in love

Don't make me fall in love with you

All over again and again.


Oh, the weapons you chose

Old love letters I wrote

You waved them back and forth in front of my red face

Saying how could this man not love me anymore

My voice on the page

Crumpled up in your fist

You fished them out of the trash just to throw ‘em right back

Oh baby, you’re impossible to ignore.


Like a polka needs a dot

Like a tick needs a tock

Like the fella that sits at the bar till the lights come on

There’s no stopping that sexual desire.

Love monster in a box

With you riding on top

You wear your heart on your sleeve

You’re so stubborn about me

There’s no stopping your passionate fire.