Meth Angel

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R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2008


Some hurt will never be gone

Some rings just won't stay on

Some promises never will be kept

Some men become a train wreck.

Man bites off more than he can chew

That gal had a Daffy Duck tattoo

On her ass where only he could see

How that happened, well, you tell me. 

He had a thing for those young pretty ladies

He should've told her no but instead he said maybe

I could see you one night when the wife's not in

I will meet you tonight at the motel 6. 


One sound byte

One little  headline

Short caption

In by deadline.

One short life

One big fall

One more skeleton

Of the black meth angel. 


He had a 12 pack under his left arm

Restroom condoms he'd bought in the bar

Sweating bullets like he'd sprung a water leak

But he couldn't stop himself  because the flesh is so weak.

Tank top and a pair of pink panties

He could taste her in his mouth--sweet soft candy.

Drank a little beer, smoked a lotta meth

Flirting with a black dark angel of death.


He'd a give away his wife, he'd a give away his cash

He'd a give away his house and anything he had left

He'd a promised her the world, turn around and sold her ass

He'd traded his soul for a little pink glass.  


One nighters turned to very long weekends

Got the sweaty nightmares, lonely sad feelings.

He'd be peeping thru the curtains always ‘fraid to go out

He owed the bangers an obscene amount

Every knock on the door, every wheel on the road

He was tweaking like a mother, made him smoke more dope.


Drowing in his vomit,  made a last ditch effort

Put a call in to his wife, but he knew better

She’d thrown in the towel now the kids don't have no daddy

She told him he was toast, a bitch, a dick quite candidly

In no uncertain terms, lots of bad profanity

He was a small time punk, a piss ant of humanity.


He thought about a gun, thought about a knife

Thought about rope to end the pain and die

But his mind wasn’t right, so he reached for the pipe

Little hillbilly crack,  a little piece of ice. 


Had they’d been cops he'd a heard a sound

Of the squeezing of the trigger when it fired off one round.

But he didn't hear a peep, not a snapping of a twig

His very last sound was the whizzing of a bullet. 




One sound byte

One little  headline

Short caption

In by deadline.

One short life

One big fall

One more skeleton

Of the black meth angel.