Lay Down

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R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2008


It took all my strength

And the patience of a saint

To wrangle all them critters in my hand.

They're serpents not snakes

Brother make no mistake

One bite would take down a Godless man


The Spirit took hold

I felt the Holy Ghost

Rise up and suck the poison outta me.

For I am a man of God

Believe it or not

Just look it up in Matthew 16.


It is a deadly thing

But I do not fear its sting

My name is John Wayne Punkin Brown

I lay hands on the sick

I'm a Appalachian hick

But brother no need to put me down.


The fatal bite that came

When He tested my faith

Caught me in a moment of the weak.

I felt its stinging fangs

Like no other mortal pain

I felt the numbness striking my feet.


The room swirled round

I heard inhuman sounds

Something grabbing at my feet down below.

I had to stay intact

Evil riding on my back

I knew some things i wished i didn't know.


The sky parted wide

Afraid of what i'd find

I shut my eyes and stood my ground.

And when it did appear

There were handfuls of fear

And the weight of that just took me right down.

and i bargained for more time 

one more day to stay alive

24 just to right my wrongs.

i pleaded and i cried

all the screams i held inside

wasted like tears in the rain. 


the days they come and go

the emotions that i'd froze

came all at once and tormented me. 

i stumbled in my walk          

i babbled in my talk

foreign tongues so strange, they wouldn't leave.


i wandered in the wood

without water or food

and all the shouting it got so loud.

and i heard a dreadful voice

an awful grumbling of noise

like tortured souls trapped underground.


the dirt was filled with sin

and the souls therein well hid

were reaching up to pull me in. 

i was out of my mind

illusions of the time

until i realized just what I did. 


i felt His mighty wrath

how righteous is His path

for those who lay down their wicked deeds.

It was a powerful thang

I lay naked and strange

When He chose to lay His hands upon me. 


i'd danced with false gods

i was lustful in my thoughts

i walked and talked insanity.

what a 

wondrous gift 

Though I did not deserve it

I gave up all them things I did not need.