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R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2008


I can feel I’m under your spell

Your black shadow has served me well

I can feel your pretty lace and white

I made love to it all the night.


I can feel your sense of false relief

You are not far from my reach

For I know I fell in too deep

And you watch me while I sleep.


Wicked space between my ears

Oh I know that you can hear

All my thoughts, and the mischief there

I will not speak, I do not dare.


For this Absinthe that I use

The medicine, my chosen tool.

I curse you under my breath

I know the shuffle of the walk of the dead.


Sleepy dreams are for the meek

My actions they will speak

What I’ve planned inside my head

All mixed up now, a spider’s web.


And the Banshee screams round my door

She does not know that I’ll not go.

There’ll be no white ghost of me

She will not know my clever deed.


I must stay awake, till the morning breaks

I underestimate, the liquor’s haze

That will cloud me, my vacant stares

I will win. I grabbed my pencils there.


Wailing loud, that screeching yell

I am safe now, but too close to hell.

The death howl, I’ll not hear

For I’ve punctured my 2 ears.