Vessel (2011) - 24-track Double CD

Without a doubt -- hands down -- this is Rand Reynolds' best work to date. The 24-track, double cd Vessel is even more powerful, more perceptive than any of his past cd's. After waiting for more than a year now, Reynolds' haunting and forlorn Hillbilly Noir genre has become stylized, individualistic and intimate, while fine tuning this signature stark sound: dark, threatening and dangerous. And Reynolds firmly pulls the trigger on this new cd. His emotional vulnerability and "bare it all" penetrating attitude are elevated to a new sensuality and savvy where the blurred lines between love and lust, birth and death, sane and insane are explored, deconstructed, reassembled, and proving that, sometimes, what’s broke can't always be fixed – or even should be. Lyrically, Reynolds’ characters struggle inwardly to co-exist in the gray moral shadows of their footsteps echoing in a vacant alley on a dark, rainy night while moving headstrong into life’s underbelly. Musically, Reynolds sticks with his acoustic guitar to spin catchy melodic phrasing as a rhythmic rustic backdrop for his Edgar Allen Poe-like lyrics. As Reynolds ventures into the dark exterior, he has the ability to find a kernel of undeniable truth, some spark of humanity in even the most dire of circumstances that attempt to explain the complex and confusing nature of the inner man – no matter how bizarre or brutal this might be. Reynolds, once again, has embraced his journey of self-discovery that is bold and rare among songwriters today.