Patient Master (2007) - CD

Indiana's uncompromising singer/songwriter Rand Reynolds has hurled his Hillbilly Noir format furiously forward with yet another cd that is successfully ambitious in its scope, and may well be an aesthetic watermark for this new and, obviously, driven artist. Patient Master, with its underlying menace and desolate overtones, is frightening, revelatory, and is clearly carved from Reynolds' own clear visions and startling observations.

11.09.07 CDBABY review/ author: William E Handy Jr: Rand Reynolds seems intent on keeping his side of the street clean and clearing away the wreckage of his past. This is a man who is not afraid to admit what he did wrong, and then make public gut-wrenching amends through his music. You will hear brutal honesty similar to Johnny Cash’s pleadings near the end of his life. Every song that Rand Reynolds records seems to be an invitation to witness a past disaster or share in a future hope in Rand’s life. Sometimes I feel like he’s making a deep confession and it’s me listening behind the screen. Other times I feel he is asking me to watch his back and bolster his courage. His guitar playing is unrestrained with emotional timing shifts, changes in intensity and muscular bending of notes. His playing is in honest partnership with his vocal skills… You will experience firsthand the raw emotion that Rand Reynolds is so bravely putting down. Rand has already produced an impressive body of work. After becoming familiar with all of it, I am amazed at the consistent brutal honesty and high emotional content.