Lonesome and Midnight (March 2009)

Rand Reynolds' music comes from a different place than most alt country songwriters. He has rapidly captured the attention of music lovers outside the broad umbrella that is known as country music today. With his 2009 cd, he continues to shock, offend, charm, twist and amaze us with his twisted blend of Hillbilly Noir music. In this "Lonesome and Midnight" cd, his angst-ridden convictions fueled by lyrical hostilities and melodic guitar arrangements reek of an original unsophisticated nature that only works to his advantage. There's no denying Reynolds' music is gripping, with a full-steam ahead sense of urgency purposely designed this time around to attract greater listeners more familiar with an old school country rock beat. No, it won't be burning up the radio charts, but it shouldn't have to -- It's not an album for the casual pop country audience. Unfortunately, for us, he always seems to run out of disc space before he runs out of ideas.