The Sad Lament

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Reynolds, ASCAP@2009



One night was filled with sadness

One day was filled with pain

Six men stood in the graveyard

That brought you from the train.

A hole dug in the hillside

A box built 5 foot 4

The darkness now surrounds you

Black, forever more.


I feel your touch upon me

(I feel you in the evening)

I feel it in the breeze

I cannot bear this burden

My grief will bury me.


10 years ago tomorrow

10 years ago last March

I told you that I loved you

And then you broke my heart.

The spring turned into winter

The snow upon the road

No word, no thought, no nothing

Until they brought you home.


They opened up your casket

I saw your wedding gown

I cried, and placed an orchid

Upon your lifeless brow.

I will not ask forgiveness

I will not seek relief

I pray unto the heavens

That you’ve found your peace.