Just For Tonight

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Rand Reynolds, ASCAP@2009


Your moves are lightening

You don't hear the words no, no, no never

Keep blinking those eyes, licking your lips

He'll be yours forever.

Come hell or high water

To ends of the earth

Love will conquer it all

Do what you have to do

To whomever you choose

He'll eventually fall. 


And when you put

Your head upon my shoulder

Nothing on this planet

Had seemed more right

But there's something real suspicious

About your sense of time :

“I'll love you forever”

Meant just for tonight

You said: “I’ll love you forever”

But it just meant for tonight.


What is this need

Stack a guy on every corner, every street you turn?

When they drag you to dark places

And you end up right back where you were.

You’ve fine tuned your flirting

But your arms are burning

For a man to hold.

Does it occur to you

That it might be you?

Why, of course, it don't.  


Your lack of commitment

Your fickle-ness predicament

Hold you prisoner.

I'm a victim of her charm

So what's the major harm?

While I'm sitting here making her. 

She needs to buy a watch

Or look at a clock

Maybe even get a calendar

Then she'll delight

In this concept of time

That seems to baffle her.