Rand Reynolds

Rand Reynolds, ASCAP@2009


I know you said that you would never own me

Gimme all the space I need

But too much rope can make it easier to choke

Love’s got its limits even when it comes free.

I got real doubts this second time around

I thought one marriage shoulda, woulda stood the test

I fell in love, and then I fell right out again

It’s what I do best.


But should she catch just a little off my guard

Would you think of me less?

And though I love you from the bottom of my heart

I’d probably say yes.

And she might find me

Just a little broken up

Hear the sadness in my breath

She knows that sex is just a heartbeat from her touch

And I’d probably say yes

Oh, I’d probably say yes.


(She uses sex

Ain’t nothin’ like a train wreck

I’d probably say yes.

Got her finger in my mouth

She’s broken my defenses

Oh, I’d probably say yes.)


She’s got my number and I don’t know how she got it

She phoned to tell me not to call her anymore

It’s been 2 months and I swear I ain’t rung her up

Why is she doing this for?

All your breathing room -- now I’m smelling her perfume

This can’t be what you had in mind.

I’m sitting in this booth trying to tell her our good news

It wouldn’t help if I was blind.

Cause I’m feeling like I did the first moment that we kissed

How come I feel like I been tricked?

Is this the same witch?

That I unhitched?

That I can’t quit?

Now, I do admit…



Reynolds, ASCAP@2009



Headless bodies in a photograph

Old love letters hiding in the trash

I keep my memories as vague as I can

The less I know the better off I am.

I cut and paste my life in 4/4 time

Sometimes it’s truth swirling in lies

I pretend it didn’t happen, but I know that it did.


Neon lights flood the twilight skies

Hearts in lust, I’m only visiting because

The flesh gets rubbed, and I covet what I love

Hindsight just rehashes all the bad stuff you’ve done.

Pick a pocket and I know you’ll find a locket

Look in the street and you’ll find your ring

My love was lost, but then I found it again

But when it come back I didn’t like where it’d been.


Broad strokes fit those regular folks

Outcasts ignore the do’s and don’t’s

I don’t judge

I just don’t because

No matter how I’ve tried

I still can’t spell Oz.


I stood in Hamburg in the Reeperbahn

I opened doors where I should not have gone

The fog rolled in, a quiet chill in the air

I could not believe that I was standing there.

In a crevice, in a crack, Hell’s curtain pulled back

I grabbed a sneak peek at its underbelly

Human sores and every fantasy fulfilled

I shut my eyes and fled against my will.  

Reynolds, ASCAP@2009



One night was filled with sadness

One day was filled with pain

Six men stood in the graveyard

That brought you from the train.

A hole dug in the hillside

A box built 5 foot 4

The darkness now surrounds you

Black, forever more.


I feel your touch upon me

(I feel you in the evening)

I feel it in the breeze

I cannot bear this burden

My grief will bury me.


10 years ago tomorrow

10 years ago last March

I told you that I loved you

And then you broke my heart.

The spring turned into winter

The snow upon the road

No word, no thought, no nothing

Until they brought you home.


They opened up your casket

I saw your wedding gown

I cried, and placed an orchid

Upon your lifeless brow.

I will not ask forgiveness

I will not seek relief

I pray unto the heavens

That you’ve found your peace.


Rand Reynolds, ASCAP@2009


Your moves are lightening

You don't hear the words no, no, no never

Keep blinking those eyes, licking your lips

He'll be yours forever.

Come hell or high water

To ends of the earth

Love will conquer it all

Do what you have to do

To whomever you choose

He'll eventually fall. 


And when you put

Your head upon my shoulder

Nothing on this planet

Had seemed more right

But there's something real suspicious

About your sense of time :

“I'll love you forever”

Meant just for tonight

You said: “I’ll love you forever”

But it just meant for tonight.


What is this need

Stack a guy on every corner, every street you turn?

When they drag you to dark places

And you end up right back where you were.

You’ve fine tuned your flirting

But your arms are burning

For a man to hold.

Does it occur to you

That it might be you?

Why, of course, it don't.  


Your lack of commitment

Your fickle-ness predicament

Hold you prisoner.

I'm a victim of her charm

So what's the major harm?

While I'm sitting here making her. 

She needs to buy a watch

Or look at a clock

Maybe even get a calendar

Then she'll delight

In this concept of time

That seems to baffle her.  

R.Reynolds, ASCAP@2009


Ain't looking for stars anymore

Ain't searching for a pot of gold

I ain't looking for any more rainbows

Or the things I can't hold. 

Ain't looking for Superman

or The Lone Ranger

Ain't looking for any more heroes

Acting like tall dark strangers.


Tired of trusting everyone

Picking up the pieces

Fall for most anything

Cause I want to believe 'em.

But people do change

For the good or bad

I'm not sure which phase

You happen to be at. 


Big white hat

Silver six-gun

Riding in

On a cloud of dust.

Last of the cowboys

Fighting that crime

Saving the whole world

One town at a time.



Growing up on tv

In the early sixties

Every story had an ending

That had a good deed.

Oh, I want to belong

Be a part of someone

Something bigger than me

Than where I come from.


Sometimes you reach out

Nothing comes back

Sometimes you want to hurt

But you just can’t.

Ain't the way it's supposed to be

Ain't supposed to be like this

It ain't supposed to be a lot of things

But it just is. 


Big red cape

Faster than a speeding train

Leaping tall buildings

Gonna save the day.

But every man's a myth

When he talks about his fights

He falls harder than he lets on

Cause every man's got his Kryptonite.



Ain't looking for Superman

Or The Lone Ranger

I ain't looking for any more heroes

Acting like tall dark strangers.

Ain't looking for stars anymore

Ain't searching for a pot of gold

Ain't looking for any more rainbows

Or the things I can't hold. 

Ain't looking for Superman

Or the Red Tornado

Ain't looking heroes...anymore.