Powder And A Shot

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Reynolds, ASCAP@2009



If passion were a crime

You'd be a three time felon

If they were buying

You were selling

You hunted men

Like a bitch in the woods

You had a reputation

In that neighborhood.


Rings and things

And everything green

The dollars flew back

Into your tight jeans

Now you show up

Using your body for a bribe

Now don't you even

Even f*** cry.


Powder and a shot

Powder and a shot

After all the men you wanted

I'm the one that got caught

Powder and a shot

Powder and a shot

Now, what's it gonna take

For you to get gone?


You say you're broken

You want to get fixed

There's no quick cure

No real Wicca magic

What you got yourself in

Is so tragic

The actions you exhibit

Could be termed quite manic

I'm not a doctor

But I do know sick

And the logic of the heart

Is the devil's walking stick

And you dance around the fire screaming

"It ain't hot"

Till you start to feel the heat

Of a true lover's knot.


Put the food down

Right in front of me

I'll wipe the plate clean

And I'll never leave

Put the bottle down

And a second I'll need

Oh, I never had half

Of anything.


You gave your love once

Now you want a second chance

Oh, you can't do that, I mean,

Take your love back

It's damage

It's weak

And you clearly have your needs

But I won't be fooled

I ain't exactly bulletproof.